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Born, raised and educated in Berlin, guitarist and bassist Jan Pelao is part of the creative urban- and club-musicscene in Berlin since the early 90s. After studying Jazzguitar at HfM Berlin, he worked as a guitarist and musical director for several liveacts and played guitar and bass on a wide range of records.

Since 1999 he works as a producer and composer (since 2002 with P.O.Block in their own studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg, Team Ojatunes) for wellknown German Pop- HipHop and R+B Acts (e.g. Seeed, Max Mutzke, Xavier Naidoo, Denyo, Martin Jondo, Yvonne Catterfeld, Vanessa Petruo and more) and produced and composed tracks for Major-labels (Universal, EMI, Warner, BMG) as well as for Indie-labels. Lately he is involved in Film/TVscoring (e.g. Cover my song, VOX, deutscher Fernsehpreis 2012) and has also done coaching for Film and TV.

His passion is still Soulful Music. Together with his colleagues from the Band „Chill Factor„, founded in the early 90s by Drummer Andrew McGuiness, he gained a high reputation for being a specialist for Soul, HipHop and Raregroove. This tight collective (Andrew McGuiness, Dr, Lexa Schäfer, Bass, Sebi Düwelt, Keys) is still touring together and has been the backing band for some of the greatest Acts in the Soul/Funk/R+B scene that are still on the road, e.g. The Supremes, The Temptations, Omar, Roachford, Sugar Hill Gang, Leon Ware, George McCrae, Gwen McCrae, Ann Sexton, Gloria Scott, The Trampps, Keni Burke, to name just a few. Currently Chill Factor is the rhythm section of the Baltic Soul Orchestra and Cool Million and is touring Germany and England frequently.

„Berlin was a melting pot of musicstyles in the 90s, electronic music, TripHop, Techno, Dr+Bass, Afrobeat, AcidJazz… Clubs opening and closing weekly. My Band Chill factor was Houseband at the legendary delicious doughnuts and what started as an acidjazz-jam could easily end up in Dub or Drum and Bass, HipHop, Techno… played live! Nobody did that back then. We where a bit ahead and influential. We checked all kinds of electronic music, took the Dj´s groove. Or sounded like the meters a second later. „

„As a producer and writer, it´s great inspiration to have this background of styles. There´s not a lot of styles I haven´t played live yet. When I recorded an Afrobeat-record a while ago with Pax Nicholas, the Percussionplayer of Fela Kuti, suddenly his Southafrican Bassplayer asked me if I am a Southafrican. I used to play that stuff with bands. Those grooves never go away. That helps! But also Pop or Jazz or whatever: it´s about groove and your ears. I´ve got multiple sides in me, one very vintage and funky, the other one quite psychedelic and cinematic, the third hard and electronic. That´s why I need and love all these styles… And producing and writing is the perfect outlet!“


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